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Beirut, 28 September - 27 October 2017

The legendary Street Art festival WHITE WALL is coming back to Beirut. In a historic meeting of the Arabic and Latin Alphabets, the Arabic Graffiti stars eL Seed and Yazan Halwani, along with the Dutch founder of Calligraffiti, Niels SHOE Meulman, will paint large buildings in the city. Located in West and East Beirut as well as on the former Green Line of the civil war, they will stand as a symbol of unity in the once divided city.

Murals / Digital Calligraffiti / Conference / Workshop

With eL Seed, EpS, Exist, Hamza Abu Ayyash, Hayat Chaaban, Mang, Moe, Niels SHOE Meulman, Schriftzug, Spaz, Yazan Halwani ...

Curated by Don Karl

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Magic City - The Art of the Street


More than 60 of the world’s best street artists specially painted, sprayed, scratched, glued, or even crocheted for this tailor-made city of dreams.

This book by Carlo McCormick documents the beginning of this exceptional touring exhibition.

Magic City Exhibition: 13 April - 3 September 2017 in Munich
from 28 October 2017 in Stockholm


We are proud to be part of this monumental project as consultants to the development and curatorial teams.

Magic City is the world’s first large scale touring Street Art exhibition featuring 66 of the world’s best international urban artists. After its successful launch in Dresden in 2016, the exhibition is now moving on to Munich and Stockholm.

Munich / 13 April - 3 September 2017 / Olympiapark
Stockholm / from 28 October 2017 / Magasin 9

Magic City - Ausmalbuch

'Magic City - The Art in the Streets - Ausmalbuch' is a brand new coloring book featuring many of the artists of the Magic City Exhibition.

Walls of Freedom - Street Art of the Egyptian Revolution














100 photographers, 50 artists and 20 authors present three years of artistic and political revolution on 268 pages. See more about the book here!

Lost Walls - A Calligraffiti Journey Through Tunisia



This book beautifully and poetically documents eL Seed’s Calligraffiti journey across his motherland.


El Seed and Marwhan Shahin - Walls of Freedom T-Shirts












Walls of Freedom T-Shirts

Walls of Freedom T-Shirts finally here!! Two exclusive revolutionary T-Shirt designs by el Seed and Marwan Shahin in sizes S/M/L/XL.

Meeting of Styles - Volume 1


ON THE RUN BOOK # 17: MEETING OF STYLES - documents the biggest event in global graffiti culture. Dangerously jam-packed with pieces and productions by hundreds of the best graffiti artists, this book is very close to needing a hazardous contents warning label.

Arabic Graffiti - extended edition



Arabic Graffiti - extended edition
Arabic Graffiti - extended - This book is an international success and remains the standard work on the topic. The new and revised edition is extended by a chapter about the graffiti of the recent Arab uprisings.
Hip Hop Files - revised edition





HIP HOP Files - revised edition! Martha Cooper's and Zeb.Roc.Ski's international bestseller is back on stock as a revised edition

The Hip Hop Cookbook & HALL OF FAME - NYC

- Hip Hop celebrities from all over the world create masterpieces in the kitchen and share their favorite recipes with you.

HALL OF FAME - New York City - Join us on this artistic retrospective of a famous and historic New York City landmark: the Graffiti Hall of Fame.

Niels SHOE Meulman: Painter

Niels SHOE Meulman: Painter - After the worldwide success of his first book, 'Calligraffiti: The Graphic Art of Niels Shoe Meulman (2010)', the artist and his co-author Adam Eeuwens take his bold venture to a place where street art meets abstract expressionism. Messing up book sections. Again.


Color Me Manga Graffiti / Manga Graffiti Ausmalbuch

'Color Me Manga Graffiti' is a brand new type of coloring book created by the Japanes female artist Shiro. Fun for everyone with mangainsired characters and pure Hip Hop flavor.

ON THE RUN marker in our shop

a fine selection of ON THE RUN's most wanted!

Arabic Graffiti at the Museum of Islamic Art in the Pergamon Museum, Berlin

25th July - 19th August 2012

A selection of photos and artworks of our 'Arabic Graffiti' project and book and are on display at the Museum of Islamic Art in the Pergamon Museum.

More info here

New: Graffiti Tattoo Vol. 2

Graffiti Tattoo Vol. 2 is an impressive and well-researched reference work that documents the transition graffiti artists are increasingly making into the tattoo world.

This large format book with more than 750 photographs and illustrations is a collection of the best artists and international stars of the scene. It follows up one of the bestselling titles of the On The Run Books: Graffiti Tattoo – Kings on skin.

Arabic Graffiti & Egyptian Street Art in Frankfurt

Arabic Graffiti & Egyptian Street Art in Frankfurt

Another great event of our ongoing Arabic Graffiti project: Acclaimed Graffiti artists from Egypt, Tunisia and Germany will create a street art gallery from 10th of April in Frankfurt. Taking part are Aya Tarek, Ammar Abo Bakr, Ganzeer, El Seed and Andreas von Chrzanowski. The street art gallery is accompanied by a matching event program.


ON THE RUN BOOK # 15 / ZEBSTER aka Zeb.Roc.Ski / OUT NOW!

Hip Hop history par excellence: ZEBSTER - aka Zeb.Roc.Ski! His life story is fascinating, hyperactive and at times controversial. Get it from the source, from the founder of On The Run, From Here To Fame and the Hip Hop label MZEE Records himself.

For the release of his book, Zeb.Roc.Ski has opened his treasure box for you. Get one of the last copies of MZEE Record’s rarest collectors CDs.

"We are all Khaled Said" project concluded

Since the very beginning, From Here To Fame publishing was not simply about publishing great books. We always work closely with the artists and projects that we feature and continuously carry out international cultural projects. This is just one of them, but a very special one for us indeed!

How&Nosm / ON THE RUN BOOK #14

ON THE RUN BOOK # 14 / HOW&NOSM – The Brazil Diaries

The Perre twins aka How&Nosm are European graffiti artists and professional muralists residing in New York City. Their stunning murals and exhibitions have put their names on the map of Urban Art aficionados and fine art curators around the world. In times when a multitude of colors, techniques and effects tend to overcompensate for style, How&Nosm take the opposite approach. Enjoy the journey!

Schwarz auf Weiss II - Style Needs No Color & Color me Graffiti 2

SNNC is back with "Schwarz auf Weiss II - Style Needs No Color" the larger format, follow-up release to its successful predecessor.

Since the first release, the Style Needs No Color collaboration has grown significantly, manifesting itself in a series of succesful exhebitions, live-painting shows, installations and streetwear collaborations.

A fine selection of graffiti und urban art styles, illustrations, characters and outlines from some of the finest German graffiti writers and street artists, such as Can Two, Loomit, Base 23 just to name a few.

The perfect gift idea for children and urban culture addicts!

Monsters of Art / ON THE RUN BOOK #13

Europe’s most notorious train crew, Monsters Of Art, celebrates 20 years of train havoc.

With classic tales from the train yard, including great escapes, writer beef, legendary busts, extreme graffiti feats, trains, trains and more trains. This is a must-have for all diehard fans of train graffiti.

Arabic Graffiti

In the light of the Arab revolutions that currently bring sweeping changes to the Middle East, this amazing book keeps an eye on the fascinating developments of graffiti and urban art in this region.

‘Arabic Graffiti’ is an extensive and valuable reference that showcases the use of Arabic script in a contemporary, urban context.

Faith 47 / ON THE RUN BOOK #12

For lovers of poetic observations with social nuance, our first spring title offers a glimpse into the artistic world of Faith 47, South Africa’s ‘first lady’ of graffiti and street art.

Calligraffiti marker in 3 new colors

Especially created for wild calligraphy styles and exquisite drips, the On The Run Calligraffiti Super-flow marker made in collaboration with graffiti legend SHOE is now available in black, red, blue and green.

Muralismo Morte - The Rebirth of Muralism in Contemporary Urban Art

Muralismo Morte - The Rebirth of Muralism in Contemporary Urban Art reveals the vibrancy of a new type of muralism as it rises from the shadows of urban spaces in metropolises worldwide.


Our razor sharp titles, GHOST – RIS CREW and SABE – FYS CREW, complete a trilogy with our first On The Run Book, SENTO – The Fantastic Partners. These three friends and partners in crime, share the same anti-establishment attitude and disregard of graffiti conventions. The releases are marked by a European book and graffiti tour with the combined force and style visions of Sabe and Sento!

Color me Graffiti / Graffiti-Ausmalbuch

Color your world in graffiti style, with a range of fresh outlines, illustrations, characters and styles from some of the kings and queens of the international graffiti and street art scene.